About Panavance Therapeutics

At Panavance, we are focused on giving every patient the best possible chance to live a healthy and cancer-free life. Our clinical-stage drug GP-2250 is bringing new hope to the fight against cancer through truly novel science.

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Who We Are

Panavance Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a novel oncology platform focused on improving the effectiveness of cancer treatments and quality of life for patients. The Company, located in Berwyn, PA was founded in 2021 as a spin off from Avensis Pharma AG,  a company in the privately held Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG für Chemische Industrie group.

Panavance’s lead program, GP-2250, is a tumor cell selective and broadly active small molecule with a unique mechanism of action designed to disrupt energy metabolism, resulting in cancer cell death. GP-2250 is currently in a multi-center Phase 1 trial in pancreatic cancer patients. The Company is rapidly advancing towards a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial, projected to start late 2023, as a first-line maintenance therapy for pancreatic cancer in non-BRCA mutation patients, a population for which there are no FDA approved agents.

Additionally, GP-2250 is being developed for the treatment of ovarian cancer in combination with leading anti-cancer agents based on promising preclinical data. The Company expects to initiate a potential registration directed Phase 1/2 clinical study in ovarian cancer which is expected to start late 2023. GP-2250 has broad oncology applications and has the potential to be effective in additional indications, including melanoma, squamous cell, breast and colorectal cancers.

Why We Exist

We get up every morning with a clear focus on making a significant improvement in clinical outcomes and the lives of cancer patients everywhere. Like the mechanism of our GP-2250, our mission is to disrupt cancer’s energy.

What We Deliver

Our clinical stage asset, GP-2250, has the potential to make a meaningful impact across diverse oncological disease states and therapeutic applications by targeting the primary source of cancer cell energy production with its unique and patent-pending mechanism of action.

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What’s In A Name?
Why We’re Panavance.

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We believe that our highly tumor cell selective asset may offer a broad benefit across and beyond cancers and in combination with existing treatments.

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GP-2250 has broad therapeutic potential across stages of disease including before surgery, during surgery, after surgery, and for maintenance therapy in advanced disease.

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Our initial clinical trials are focused on treating pancreatic cancer—a condition with a clear unmet need.

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We are focused on advancing the effectiveness of cancer treatments and quality of life for patients everywhere.

Meet Leadership Team


Meet the Panavance leadership team.

We are led by a highly capable and passionate team that shares wholeheartedly in our mission.

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Discover our novel mechanism of action.

Our mechanism of action suppresses cancers by disrupting their energy metabolism, bringing about cancer cell death.

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