A novel therapeutic giving cancer patients new hope.

We are focused on rapidly advancing our lead therapeutic candidate, GP-2250, for the treatment of multiple cancer indications including pancreatic and ovarian.

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Truly novel.
Truly important.

We are on a mission to improve therapeutic outcomes for cancer patients with GP-2250, a tumor-cell selective agent with a truly novel mechanism of action.

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Preclinical research with GP-2250 demonstrated significant anti-cancer activity in numerous established and primary cell lines. GP-2250’s novel MOA and degree of preclinical activity is exciting and could be a potentially important addition to the oncologists’ armamentarium to benefit patients.

Prof. Dr. med. Chris Braumann

EvK Gelsenkirchen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

It is so refreshing to work with an organization that not only shares wholeheartedly in our mission to improve survival and quality of life for patients, but has truly unique science that provides new hope in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Anup Kasi, University of Kansas Medical Center

GP-2250 Phase 1/2 Principal Investigator

Our Science

Disrupting cancer cell metabolism.

Our unique, novel, and proprietary mechanism of action targets the primary mechanism of cancer cell energy production to disrupt mitochondrial integrity and bring about cancer cell death.

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Focused on what matters most.

While GP-2250 demonstrates broad potential in preclinical research across cancers and therapeutic applications, we have chosen to first focus on pancreatic cancer—a condition with a clear unmet need. Early clinical experience is promising.

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