GP-2250 Pipeline

Our pipeline includes active studies in the preclinical and clinical phase for pancreatic, gynecological, other cancers, and other disorders, and we are also exploring the full potential of GP-2250 as we advance our research activities.

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Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Pancreatic Cancer
Gynecological Cancers
Other Cancers
Oral Formulation


Broad applicability & potential.

Our lead compound, GP-2250, has demonstrated high tumor cell selectivity and broad utility across a variety of cancer indications in preclinical and Phase 1 clinical studies. GP-2250 has also demonstrated suppression of inflammatory cytokine release in multiple preclinical studies. 

This unique aspect of GP-2250 potentially opens up clinical benefit and expanded use in several areas of oncology treatments as well as potentially other clinical states where inflammatory cytokine suppression could be of therapeutic value. GP-2250 also has been shown to have broad antimicrobial activity as well. Additionally, the current clinical trials use an intravenous GP-2250 formulation; however, preclinical in vivo evidence indicates a GP-2250 oral formulation is highly likely and this development will also be pursued.  

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